Your guide to finding a rental property in the greater Twin Falls area

Looking for a rental property in the greater Twin Falls area?  

When our Real Estate company has properties for rent, we will post them on this page or on our facebook page -

To help you with your rental property search, we also have provided below a variety of other places where you can find homes for rent.  The Western Magic Valley Association of Realtors provides the community with a list of available rentals updated every week.  The local newspaper, the Times-News also posts their rental ads on their website.  Here are several links to rentals available through a variety of local property management companies and individual property owners:



You can also sometimes find rental properties on the Facebook classified sites.  To view posts in these groups, request to be added as a member in the Facebook groups listed below.  However, as with any free classified posting website, make sure to protect yourself from scams (see rental consumer alert below).

RENTAL CONSUMER ALERT:  A common internet scam across the county is for someone to pretend they own a home they do not own to take advantage of consumers having difficulties finding a place to rent.  Don't become victim to these scammers getting your personal information and stealing your money.  Protect yourself from these internet scammers by looking for rental properties from reliable sources like the rental lists above and questioning any unusual request.  Regardless of where you find out about a property for rent, here are some red flags to watch for to ensure you are not taken advantage of by one of these scammers:

  • If the home being listed as "FOR RENT" on sites like Craigslist or Facebook, but has a "FOR SALE" sign in front instead of a "FOR RENT" sign in front, this might be a sign that one of these internet scammers stole the photos of the home from a for sale website and is trying to use these photos to run a scam.
  • If a property manager or home owner is unable or unwilling to give you a tour of the property in person, that may be because it is not their property.
  • If someone requests you mail or wire your deposit money, rent money and/or application fee to them to gain access to the property, this may be a scammer.
  • If you are being told that you need to submit a rental application along with a rental application fee before you can see inside a home, this could be a scam to get both your personal information and your money.  While applications and application fees are common, they are typically done after you have viewed the property along with the property manager.
  • If the home listed on an internet website appears to have rents far less than current market value, this also might be indicating they are falsely marketing the property trying to bait consumers into a "wire the money" type scam.

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