Find out why Super Realty of Idaho are leaders in marketing homes for sale in the Magic Valley

Owners Stan Tobiason and Amber Tobiason specialize in marketing and take pride in going beyond the status quo in getting your home sold for it's full value.  Our Team Tobiason real estate group is in the top 10% of agents in our Magic Valley area for both number of transactions sold per year and value of homes sold annually.  As the broker of Super Realty of Idaho, Stan Tobiason is committed to ensuring that every home listed for sale through our company has a winning marketing plan in place.

How we build a winning marketing sales plan to sell your home:

  • We use the right tools for the job:  How your home looks online makes a huge difference in today’s market where home buyers preview homes online first and they only schedule in person showings for a small handful of homes that stand out as the best in their price-range.  We have specialized professional photography and photo editing equipment specifically for photographing houses.  We are also the only agents in the Magic Valley currently offering 3D online tours to allow shoppers to virtually walk through your home online.  See for a sample.
  • We have the strongest social media presence in the Magic Valley:  Our Facebook page has more followers than any other REALTORS in Southern Idaho and we promote homes heavily on social media.  Our average home posted on social media is viewed by over 10,000 people in our area.  Find our twinfallsrealtor page on Facebook to see more.
  • We do our homework:  When we list your home for sale, we are open and honest about what other similar homes are selling for in your area.  We work with you to determine the best pricing strategy to have your home sell quickly and at or above current market value.  We won’t tell you a high price just to put a sign in your yard. Some agents have lots of signs in yards, but we strive to sell the homes we list quickly so our signs don’t spend extra months in the ground.  Instead, we help you set the price that will get you the highest level of interest to get your home sold for its full value.
  • We proactively search for a buyer for your home:  In addition to promoting your home to other agents on the MLS, we try to find a buyer for your home.  We have been very successful in finding buyers for our properties through open houses, advertising, social media and taking advantage of opportunities to network with other agents.
  • We answer the phone:  When prospective buyers call to view your property or you would like an update on the feedback we are getting from prospective buyers of your home – we answer the phone and return phone calls, text message and emails promptly.  

Homes for Sale by Team Tobiason