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Jake Hawkins, Realtor


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Meet Jake Hawkins

Born and raised in this beautiful state of Idaho and a proud Twin Falls resident, I enjoy hunting, camping, kayaking and well any time spent with my family. I started my career in the mining industry at an early age and have spent the last 23 years working with heavy equipment, working my way up the management ladder, 16 years as a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) being a first responder if there were any emergencies at the mine and 19 years on the fire rescue team at the mine. Along with many other things I have learned leadership skills and to have a strong attention to detail. Raised in a Real Estate family I’m excited to start this adventure with Super Realty of Idaho, so weather it’s your first time buying a home or selling your home I assure you I will be there every step of the way and look forward to showing you the very best the Magic Valley has to offer.